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Contract Lifecycle Management

Write/review SoWs, contract lifecycle mapping, deliverables mapping, contract compliance, implementation and execution of contracts

Spend Management

Analyse elemental spends (labor, hardware, sw, Infra etc), Identify key spends, fix spend leakages, cost take out plans, build versus buy decisions

Process Simplification

Define process objectives, process flows, Identify process bottlenecks, reduce redundant controls, ITIL alignment, process simplification plans

Management System (Sales, Delivery, Compliance)

Integrated management systems, functional management system, sales/revenue/delivery management systems,

Governance Frameworks

Partner governance, vendor governance, operational governance, project governance, financial governance

SLA, KPI and

Performance Metric

Frame SLAs, OLAs, underpinning contracts and KPIs, operational and business KPIs, SLA modelling and management framework

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Performance Audits

Contract performance posture, solution delivery audit, operational performance posture, project delivery audit, billing and invoicing, process performance audit, infrastructure due diligence

Escalation Management

Escalation management framework, Escalation governance, escalation mitigation proposals, risk management, position and negotiation proposals

RFP/RFI Management

RFP  proposal review, SoWs (create/review), RFP compliance review, solution compliance vetting, RFP documentation support, RFP pitch preparation

Business Meeting
Investment Chart
Analyzing Graphs

Storytelling and Value Props

Value props for new engagement, value props for existing engagement, storytelling for business proposal, storytelling for new products, storytelling for new services

Technical Writing

Writing technical manuals, writing procedures, writing SoPs, social media and www contents, brochures, e-com listing

Content Review

Review and revise website contents. review and advise tag Lines, review and advise on logos, review and advise e-com site content

If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.”

W. Edwards Deming

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