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Experts@HI is culmination of collective wisdom of individuals who strive to achieve simplification in thoughts and actions in the management ecosystem.


We aim to eliminate the unnecessary in business management practices so that organizations can focus on what is necessary.


We offer simplification in the entire value chain an organization thrives on. We view simplification as a practice which is universal and agnostic to type of organization or the business domain.

Our vision is "To Simplify the management processes and practices so that organizations can focus on growing and sustaining their businesses."


We aspire to provide services which are industry agnostic based on our rich experience in serving customers in BFSI, Retail, IT, Manufacturing, Telecom and Infrastructure Industries.

We are proficient in simplifying business management practices be it Revenue, Spend, Profitability or Compliance. We add value through our experience in increasing the efficiencies of processes related to delivery, service management, security, billing, collection, revenue realisation and business analytics.

Working in organizations like IBM, Tata Communications, Airtel, HDFC, Vodafone, Videocon and HAL has given us invaluable industry expertise. Handling clients like Amex, BoA, Sumitomo, Airtel, Government of India, ATT, BT have enabled us to appreciate customer business dynamics.

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